Who are we?

The California Marine Affairs and Navigation Conference (CMANC) is a consortium of ports, harbors and marine interests in California.  Its mission is to optimize California maritime benefits by providing advocacy for the sustainable maintenance and improvement of California harbors, ports, coastal and navigation projects.

In light of the overwhelmingly positive impact California¡¯s marine interests have on the national economy, Federal funding for construction, maintenance & operations, environmental enhancement & restoration and planning activities continues to fall far short of levels needed to sustain this vital infrastructure. CMANC Federal Advocacy Mission We support the U.S. economy and international trade, homeland security and the environment.  In order to support these missions, California¡¯s seaports and harbors need:

    1. adequate Presidential budget requests, Congressional budget allocations and appropriations to construct and maintain statutorily authorized marine infrastructure, including surface transportation access and land infrastructure, and

    2. full execution of the traditional Corps of Engineers¡¯ Civil Works mission with reduction of excessive project permitting delays and project costs.
What California¡¯s Ports & Harbors Mean to the Nation

California¡¯s ports, harbors and waterways are vital to the nation¡¯s economy and homeland security.  In a recent update of a 1997 San Francisco State University study, it was found that California ports and harbors:

Create 1.6 million American jobs
Result in $30.5 billion in personal income
Are responsible for $57 billion in national output/GDP
Generate $10 billion in federal taxes and duties returned to the U.S. Treasury annually

California Marine Affairs and Navigation Conference 

Federal Issues for the Administration and the 107th Congress

Budget/Appropriations :C Ensure adequate FY2003 Budget allocations to continue appropriations for (1) Congressionally authorized Civil Works construction projects and (2) to maintain California Federal ocean entrances and channels

Maritime Security :C Support legislation that funds and maintains a safe and secure maritime infrastructure including its transportation system

Federal Highway Funding :C As Highway Trust Fund contributors, California port and harbor users should benefit from Highway reauthorization funding that improves landside access to marine facilities

Sanctuaries and Zones :C CMANC supports the preservation of the nation¡¯s ocean resources and a balanced decision-making process that will enable sanctuaries and operating harbors to live side-by-side harmoniously.  Unilateral authority should not be granted to sanctuaries or their managers.  Sanctuary boundaries should not be expanded until outstanding issues are resolved

Environmental Permitting :C Urge Congressional oversight of Executive Agencies to ensure timely and non-obstructive permitting of statutorily mandated Civil Works projects, and contain regulatory demands that inflate project costs

Corps of Engineers Missions :CEnsure full execution by the Corps of Engineers of its basic navigation, shore and flood protection mission as well as environmental restoration and recreation authorized by Congress

WRDA :C Urge the passage of a 2002 Water Resources Development Act

Federal Initiatives :C Support Federal initiatives that benefit Congressionally authorized marine infrastructure needs including: Maritime Infrastructure Banks; Marine Transportation System Vision 2020; expanded ocean dredge disposal sites; and development of new upland dredge disposal and reuse sites with provisions of federal ownership and cost sharing for such sites